• Cashmere & Silk Shawl BARRE
  • Blue, woven with Forest Green
  • Four versions of Blue, starting from the top, clockwise: Blue woven with Blue, Blue woven with Green, Blue woven with Grey, Blue woven with Brown
  • Smoke grey on the left, Champagne on the right
  • Blue on Blue
  • Blue woven with Green
  • Blue and Brown on the left; Blue on blue on the right
  • Cashmere & Silk Shawl BARRE
  • Cashmere & Silk Shawl BARRE
  • Cashmere & Silk Shawl BARRE
  • Cashmere & Silk Shawl BARRE
  • Cashmere & Silk Shawl BARRE


Cashmere & Silk Shawl BARRE



70% Cashmere 30% Silk - elegant, sophisticated and versatile.  Usable all year round since this light weight shawl can be used as a cover-up during cool summer evenings or in an air-conditioned restaurant;   doubled over in the winter to use as a scarf.

Airy, sheer quality adds to the dimensionality of this beautiful sustainably crafted cashmere shawl.  The pattern is a solid color, woven in a 'shadow' pattern, and this season we have done some new, subtle variations that are gorgeous!

Hand-made locally by our own weavers; please check availability before you order, as some colors are already sold out; in the photo modelled by our local friends - left to right:  Midnight Blue, Midnight Blue and Forest Green, Midnight Blue and Grey

Size: 27,5 x 78,75 inches; Weight:   5 oz      

Price does not include shipping; the cost of shipping up to three stoles is the same as shipping one, and for orders of over 500.00 we offer FREE SHIPPING !

Scialle 70% Cashmere 30% Seta.  Ha anche un doppio uso:  in estate come scialle leggero la sera oppure come coprispalle dove c'e l'aria condizionata, e in inverno sdoppiato a mo' di sciarpa

Misura: 70 x 200 cm  Peso: 145 grammi

in Italia il prezzo e' IVA esclusa, che viene calcolato in fattura, mentre la spedizione sul territotio nazionale e' gratuito

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